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Local Dancing:

SwingCats – Our local College Campus Club. They are super people and welcoming to anyone for their dances, lessons, and events.

Dance Kinexion – While we’ve got ya covered for all types of vintage swing, Kerie at Dance Kinexion can help you with all your ballroom, latin and West Coast dancing needs. Have a wedding coming up?  Give this lovely gal a call!

Regional Swing Dance Happenings:

Big Sky Weekend – A great regional dance workship in Kalispell

Kalispell, MT – Swingmation on what is happening in Kalispell

Missoula, MT – Swingmation on what is happening in Missoula

Strictly Swing – Swingmation for Spokane and NW USA

Calgary – Swingmation for Calgary.  Want to see their facebook page… Fly Right Swing

Places and people to visit:

Hardford Underground (Hartford, CT) – If you are in Hartford, go say hi to Javier Johnson and enjoy yourself! Great people, besides Javier teaches and dances here and he is a wizard.

*Four on the Floor (Austin, TX) – If you are in Austin, check them out. They have drop in lessons and dances at the beautiful Women’s Federation. Give Laura and Matt a hello if you are there!

*Cmdance – (Denver, CO) Builds healthy, thriving communities through world-class arts education programs that bring the global culture of social dancing to Colorado youth and adults.  Oh and they also put on some pretty awesome events.

Boulder Swing Dance (Boulder, CO) Run by some pretty great people who are pretty awesome dancers (Heather Ballew, Krister Shloam). If you are traveling through and can go to one of the events or classes - do. You will like it.

Need a dance instructor? Heather is amazing at, well, everything and she is a super person too.

Taylor Stender & Travis Whetman - These two are the sweetest pair and they are great Balboa Dancers and DJ's. In Seattle, make sure you take a lesson with them. Hosting an event and need a DJ or Balboa Instructors, hire them! 

*Jenna Applegarth - She is a great dancer, teacher, and event organizer. 

*Steel City Swing - Great dance scene. They have a fun and welcoming dance on Monday evenings. 

Recommend Events

This is not in anyway an exhausted list of all the amazing swing dancing events available worldwide. These are just ones we know are awesome and worth checking out.

We often have one or more local dancers going to one of the events below too. Can we say group outing!

  • *Swingout New Hampshire (Close to Hebron, NH – Think Summer Camp combined with the most wonderful social dancing  awesomeness. No comps, just plain ol' social dancing to the best live music with super friendly people. 

  • *Lindy Focus (Ashville, NC) - Why bother doing the same old thing between Christmas and New Year when you can dance to some of the best live music ever? Oh and there are cool classes too.

  • *LindyFest (Houston, TX) A little of everything here.

  • *Hot Rhythm Holiday (Austin, TX) – If you like’m fast, this event is for you! Fast Lindy, Balboa, Charleston, Collegiate Shag…and it's in Austin in the winter...and Austin has lots of yummy food and great people too.

  • Midwest Lindy Festival (Minneapolis, MN)

  • *Inland Empire Shuffle (Spokane, WA) - Collegiate Shag and balboa focused in a great city of delicious food and super friendly people. 

  • *Lindy Diversion (Denver, CO) - Lindy 

  • *Camp Jitterbug (Seattle, WA) - Lindy, Balboa, Shag...

  • Beantown (Boston of course)

  • *Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout (Denver, CO) - Balboa goodness!

  • *Northwest Balboa Fest (Seattle, WA) - More Balboa goodness!

  • *California Balboa Classic (Pasadena, CA) - Super Balboa goodness!

  • *Stompology (Rochester, NY) – Full weekend dedicated entirely to authentic jazz, Charleston, and solo movement.

  • Lindy Shock University (Budapest, Hungary) – So we’ve danced with the super friendly Budapest dancers and they are wonderful.  We so want to go back and enjoy this event!

Swing Resources:

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