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Hey, we don't really have an address or a brick studio.

But you can send us an email and set up a private lesson, inquire about an upcoming dance or lesson series, or talk about how you want to help build the scene. 

About Us

Thanks! We will get back to you soon.

Bozeman Swing is run by Kathi & Stephen Dobelbower with lots of great help from people in the swing community.​

We are not here to tell you about all of our great awards to puff up our egos, we want to tell you that we do this out of our love for dancing, especially vintage styles of swing. We love many things like meeting nice people, listening to jazz music, teaching people new skills, learning from others, traveling, and being active. Swing dancing is truly one of the best ways to accomplish all of those things. 

Swing dancing is one of our hobbies that we are truly passionate about. We've been enjoying it for 10+ years and have taken classes and worked with many of the top swing dancers in the world. Want to learn the basics or need to work on refining your skills? Head over to the up coming classes and private lesson page.

Want to know more about us?

Stephen Dobelbower is actually Dr Dobelbower. In his alter ego he loves helping people be healthy and more capable of being amazing with therapies like Chiropractic care, rehabilitation, functional movement, exercise therapy, nutritional and herbal supports... want to know more about this check out how he can help you be the best dancer you can be at Park County Chiropractic

Kathi Dobelbower runs the clinic that Dr Dobelbower provides care for dancers, mom's, landscapers, runners, trainers, builders, etc. She wears many hats and organizing swing dance events is one of her favorites. On top of all of that she loves hiking, reading, cooking healthy meals, and is learning Esperanto. 

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