Still hungry for more dance info? Check out the great resources below!


  • SwingCats – Our local Campus Club.  They are super awesome and welcoming to anyone.
  • Dance Kinexion – Kerie Hagler is the owner of the Montana Movement Arts Center.  While we’ve got ya covered for all types of vintage swing, Kerie can help you with all your ballroom, latin and West Coast dancing needs.  Need to host an event, take ballroom, latin or West Coast dance lessons?  Have a wedding coming up?  Give this lovely gal a call!


  • – Free music!  But only music that is no longer has a copyright and of course, it’s jazz!!
  • Yahoodi – This is so much more than music.  Check it out!

Swing Clothes

  • Lindy Shopper – This is oh so nice information and links to so many wonderful clothing lovelies.
  • Modcloth – Watch out, this just might be listed as a drug…dress crack is dangerous.

Other Resources

  • iDance – Dance lessons online
  • Applelindy – Hey this is the home of Jenna Applegarth.  She is a great dancer and event coordinator!
  • cmdance – Builds healthy, thriving communities through world-class arts education programs that bring the global culture of social dancing to Colorado youth and adults.  Oh and they also put on some pretty awesome events.


If you know of other online swing resources, please email them to us at bznswing (at)!