Friends & Event Links

There are so many amazing recurring national (and international) swing dance events, we just cannot list them all.  Here are some of our favorites that celebrate all different avenues of swing dance.

Regional Swing Dance Happenings:

Big Sky Weekend – A great regional dance workship in Kalispell

Kalispell, MT – Updated swingmation on what is happening in Kalispell

Missoula, MT – Updated swingmation on what is happening in Missoula

Strictly Swing – Updated swingmation for Spokane and NW USA

Calgary – Updated swingmation for that is swing in Calgary.  Want to see their facebook page… Fly Right Swing

National Swing Dance Happenings:

Looking for something special in that just so location?  Swingplanit really knows how to help ya find just what you are looking for no matter where in the world you are looking!  Happy Dancing!

* At least one local dancer has attented this workshop in the past.

If you have been to another camp and think we should add it to our list.  Contact Us.